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"You must choose this career stream!"

"You went where and with whom?"

We're sure you're aware of what it feels like to hear these phrases as a kid—the sinking feeling of your parents just not getting you.

Such conversations not only discourage you, but also leave you regretting the fact that you shared anything in the first place.

Why are we discussing this? If you felt this way towards your parents, your kids might feel the same for you!

Here are 4 steps to becoming a more approachable parent:

  • Keep your first response calm. Make them feel that they can share whatever happens in their life with you.
  • Attention: Avoid multitasking and direct all your attention to them when they're talking to you. This makes them feel valued.
  • Solve problems together: Don't jump to conclusions about their problems. Make suggestions and try coming up with a solution together
  • Have a conversation: Talk about their problems, don't lecture them. Treat them like friends and have a dialogue (don't get into an elaborate monologue)

Taking these steps will make you more approachable to your kids. They would be more open and willing to share things with you —be it about the latest series they watched or a serious conversation about an emotionally stressful situation they are going through!

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