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    Often, we keep our emotions to ourselves. We tend to do this because of fear of any backlash or judgement. However, if you don't express yourself effectively, it might affect you both mentally and physically.

    Here are 3 tips to express yourself effectively:

    Acknowledge your emotions - Stop denying your emotions. It's okay to feel sad or angry. Acknowledging them might also help in reducing anxiety and depression, thereby improving your mental health.

    Consider that you're attracted to one of your classmates. First, accept your feelings for them!

    Journal it out - Writing about your emotions is a great way to connect with yourself. It helps validate your feelings and become more self-aware.

    Journal down your feelings towards your classmate to reflect on them.

    Communicate - After we accept, acknowledge, and journal our feelings, we are less overwhelmed by emotions. Then, we can express our needs, wants, and desires more effectively.

    Once you are sure about your feelings, you would be able to express them with clarity and confidence to your classmate.

    Expressing yourself effectively may not come naturally. However, with practice, we can learn to become better communicators!

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