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How to do 'deep work'


We've all heard of 'deep work' or being in the 'flow state'—when time is at a standstill, and your best work happens.

But have you ever wondered how one achieves this state? Deep work is essentially giving your undivided attention to one thing.

Here are 3 things to get you into the zone:

  1. Work in a distraction-free zone. Trying to write or ideate in a room with people yelling and arguing all around you won't get you very far. In fact, you might not get much written at all. Instead, you're much more likely to produce the best content when working in a focused, noise-free space.
  2. Try and keep only one tab open at a time. Having multiple tabs only makes it seem like you're doing a lot of work. As scientifically proven by Trello, "When you are jumping from tab to tab, your brain is releasing dopamine receptors that are giving you the illusion that you are being more productive." You're likely to keep getting distracted by notifications, emails that tempt you to click away from your task. So, simplify. Do one thing at a time
  3. Don't overthink it. If you think you need a specific scented candle, your coffee at a certain temperature, etc., to do deep work — don't wait for that to happen first. Just start the work. Remember, the result of deep work is the reward itself!

One final piece of parting advice is that don't put pressure on yourself about it. Just start working and keep the flow, and before you know it—you'll be in the flow state.

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