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Life Lessons from Nature


Nature has a lot to offer if we look for it. Being close to nature is like attending a school of life lessons. All we need to do is watch the teachings unfold.

Here are 4 essential lessons to learn from our mother nature:

  1. Adaptability- Leaves are non-resistant to turn red with the onset of autumn and fall off the branches in winter. Trees and leaves teach us to adapt to time and environment and have faith in a higher power.
  2. Intuition- Everything is not meant to be heard or seen; some things are meant to be felt, like the wind. Wind teaches us to trust what we think and develop a practice to believe our intuition.
  3. Time is a healer- If a meteor makes a creator on the earth's surface, it is soon covered by other beings on earth. No obstacle completely stops a river. Ultimately, the water finds its way. Similarly, no pain in life can contain your blessings.
  4. Altruism- When birds come across a predator, they warn other birds about the danger. In this way, they put themselves in danger just to save the life of other birds. In nature, many animals do the same and sacrifice their lives for the safety of others.

Nature is a treasure of life lessons. As Albert Einstein said, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

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