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Setting goals vs Achieving goals.


Setting goals in life is essential. However, there’s a difference between setting goals and achieving them.

When you set life goals, you consciously decide what you want your life to ideally look like. However, whether you achieve them or not is determined by your non-conscious beliefs, habits, and mindset (as they assess your actions)! This includes your self-image for how you see your life.

When John Assaraf — entrepreneur, author, and behavior expert — was in his 20s, his mentor Alan Brown taught him to train his brain to achieve his goals and align his self-image by them.

Here’s how you can do it too!

  1. Write down your goals in each aspect of life (e.g., health, relationships).
  2. Read them out to yourself every day.
  3. As you read them out, run your fingers across them.
  4. Then, close your eyes and feel what it would be like if it were true.

Then, ask yourself — “What would I have to believe about myself to achieve these goals?” e.g., I’m capable enough.

  1. Record these beliefs.
  2. Listen to them repeatedly till you can recite them.

While this activity may sound silly, it creates new neural patterns in your brain by engaging all your senses (see, touch, feel). These patterns become more potent with repetition, and you eventually start believing what you’re saying!

Once you have the correct beliefs and self-image that align with your goals- you will take action to accomplish them!

Come on, it takes only 15 mins/day! What’s there to lose?

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