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    Goal-setting is one of the vital common denominators of all top achievers. However, while it is undoubtedly crucial to set goals, it is also essential to set the right goals!

    Here’s how you can set meaningful goals:

    Step 1: Create lifetime ‘big picture' goals.

    Consider what you want to achieve in ‘life’ as a whole. Don’t get overwhelmed by this! This gives an overall perspective and ensures your goals are aligned with your values. Pick up different areas in life & decide on goals that best reflect on what you want to do in each of these areas.

    E.g., Let’s consider a Health Goal: Ask yourself: What kind of fitness would you want to work upon, by what stage?

    Tip: Try picking goals that you genuinely want to accomplish & not what others want for you!

    Step 2: Break down your big picture goal.

    Once you have your big picture goals set, break them down into a 5 year, 1 year, 6 months, 1 month, 1-week plan! These should all be aligned and in sync with your bigger goals.

    Let’s break down the Health Goal:

    E.g., Be able to run a full-length marathon at will.

    5-year plan: Run your first full marathon

    1-year plan: Be able to run 10km

    6-month plan: Be able to run 5km

    1-month plan: Understand the skills needed to be able to run the marathon

    1-week plan: Join a running group!

    Once you break these goals down, your to-do list of each day can be aimed at reaching your weekly goals. In this way, there’s a complete sense of alignment, and you’re moving toward your dream life!

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