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Your worst critic.

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    We've all been in a place where the thought of what' others will think' prevents us from taking action. It may have been not starting that YouTube channel, not asking that person out, or even just not dancing at a party! The fear of being judged has killed enough dreams.

    Here's the funny thing—what we fear others will judge us for is often the very thing we judge in ourselves! Thoughts like 'you're not good enough/pretty enough" first pop up in your head, and then you believe everyone else must be thinking so too.

    The fact is—we're often too critical of ourselves. So let's learn some actionable steps on how to let go:

    1. Imagine the criticism you so deeply fear does come to you. Okay, maybe your friends do make fun of you. So what?! Their thoughts about you have no real impact on your life!
    2. Now, consider the best possible outcome. What possibilities lie on the other side of your fear?
    3. Note down 10 things you'd do if you had no fear of judgment. Now, pick one and resolve to do it anyways!

    Remember, the world deserves to see the real you.

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