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Have you ever seen an amazing movie and thought, "maybe I should become a film director?"

While the end product may look appealing, what we often don't factor in is the 2 years of process that went into making the film. The scripting, costumes, casting, shoots, editing, and everything else.

Instead of being glamourized by the end product, a more useful approach is to pick our projects based on the process. Here's the thing - whether you're building a business or any passion project—things are bound to get tough. This is when goal-driven motivation may fall short. However, if you enjoy the process, then the very act of pursuing your goals will be a victory for you.

Eg: If you enjoy making videos, then making videos itself is your win - regardless if they get views or not!

If you enjoy writing, then writing the book is the win - whether your book sells or not!

The point being  - You should enjoy the process of actually doing what you're doing while you're creating the product. What's the point of writing a book for the 'fame' of the book launch if you didn't actually like the 2-year process of writing it?

So, when choosing your next project/'big thing', make sure that you enjoy the process of actually doing what you're doing while you're doing it!

Here's one way to look at it— What would you do if you knew you'd fail? In this approach, the outcome doesn't matter, what matters is the process.

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