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It's okay to not be okay

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    "It's okay to not be okay." You might have heard this line several times, but have you ever wondered why not being okay might just be more than okay? There are some days in life when nothing makes sense, and all you feel like doing is taking a back seat and letting life pass by until you are okay again.

    When days like these arrive, it is okay to let them consume you sometimes. It's okay to pause and rest. Sometimes, taking the back seat and giving yourself time and care is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    Contrary to popular belief, this in no way makes you weak. Knowing when you are sad and learning to cope with it is a sign of strength. So, it's okay if you didn't finish a task or attend that meeting.

    On days like these, it's okay if all you did was exist because existing can get exhausting sometimes. Life may not go according to the plan, but that doesn't mean that you can't change your plans. So, when the world seems to be closing in on you and overwhelming is the only dominant feeling. Take a step back, close your eyes, breathe, and let go.

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